Cakes by Sarah

Two tower cakes

Posted on: March 27, 2011

It was busy in the cake business for me this weekend! I had the tutu cake and two tower cakes to do. I got the tutu cake done first and moved onto these awesome tower cakes. I wanted to make the towers different from the beginning, so after talking to the parents of the birthday girls this was going to be easy. Assembling these cakes were a lot of fun. Each tower is four cakes and they both had a secured rod down the center and attached to the board that it was on.
Angela’s 4th birthday
The first tower cake was Angela’s 4th birthday and she wanted her tower cake pink. I love the ivy and flowers going up the cake. As I delivered this cake and saw the smile on the birthday girls face, I knew that I had nailed it.

Kate’s 5th birthday
The second tower cake was for Kate’s 5th birthday and she wanted a purple tower cake. The cake was a huge hit, everyone loved it. the detailing was fun too. From the roof top of the castle to the little flowers all over this cake was a joy to make.


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  • sarahjcheek: The tutu of this cake is made by upside down hearts!
  • Brody Little: Your cake is amazing! Do you have a guide on how to make the tutu for this cake?
  • Leisl: This is an awesome cake. A friend found this picture and wants me to make one like it for her. Can you tell me what size cakes you used?


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