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I am now on Facebook. I am having a blast making these edible forms of art and can’t wait to make more. I wanted to create a Facebook page for more  people to see my work. Please “Like” my page and watch for upcoming Creations. Thanks to all of my family, friends, and fans for believing in me.


This adorable bowling cake was so much fun to make. This cake was for a four year old sweetheart. They were having a party at a bowling alley. What better way to celebrate then have an awesome bowling cake too. The only things that aren’t edible are the candles. The bowling pins are made out of gum paste (which the kids enjoyed eating) and everything else is fondant. The top two tiers are funfetti and the bottom tier is chocolate. Everyone was blown away and afraid to eat it, lol. Everyone thought that it tasted great though, yay. Another awesome cake done and plenty more to do.

A beautiful princess cake for a beautiful little girl named Samantha. This was my first princess cake. I have been wanting to try this for a while now and I think I nailed it. The only things that aren’t edible are the doll and the ribbon in her hair. I was surprised at how much easier this cake was than I thought it was going to be. The fondant makes a gorgeous dress with a little beading to finish the look and you have a beautiful princess cake.

My friend had asked me if I would like to donate a cake for a benefit dinner for a little boy named Dylan. So with a little thought, I came up with this Tigers cake for Dylan Ruhstorfer. He is a 5 year old boy who was born with a deformity in his back called spondylolithesis causing him to have emergency back surgery two days before Christmas.

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I made this cake for our neighbor because he is always snow blowing our driveway and sidewalk. Wednesday we were hit with a lot of snow and there he was out there with his snow blower. I wanted to do something for him, so I asked what I could bake for him. He perked right up to say that his wife’s birthday was on Thursday and a surprise birthday cake would be great. A couple of questions for details and an idea popped in my head. He wanted a cherry cake (one of his wife’s favorited flavors) and the rest was up to me. So I drew a couple of sketches and thought that this one was the best. The cherry on top is cherry cake with buttercream frosting and fondant over it to give it the smooth look of a cherry. The stem is a kabob wrapped in gum paste. The bottom cake is cherry cake with buttercream and fondant. This is one of my favorites by far right now. The nice look of it was just perfect for my neighbor’s wife. I delivered the cake and they could not believe how good it looked. Getting better with each cake is turning out to be a great part of my cake making journey. I really can’t wait to see what is next!


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  • sarahjcheek: The tutu of this cake is made by upside down hearts!
  • Brody Little: Your cake is amazing! Do you have a guide on how to make the tutu for this cake?
  • Leisl: This is an awesome cake. A friend found this picture and wants me to make one like it for her. Can you tell me what size cakes you used?