Cakes by Sarah

Ami’s 32nd birthday cake

Posted on: December 29, 2010

My good friend Ami ask me to make a cake for her son’s birthday, however you can’t sell a cake to someone who hasn’t tried them yet. So I made her a birthday cake even though her birthday was a few days away. She is a diva, and I love her. She knows how to have fun and knows how to be herself and that is awesome. She is one of my idols and I totally adore her. So for her I chose to make a pink zebra cake with a pink stiletto on top! The cake was funfetti (cause that is the pick of flavor for her son’s at the time) and I put homemade buttercream frosting on it too.


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  • None
  • sarahjcheek: The tutu of this cake is made by upside down hearts!
  • Brody Little: Your cake is amazing! Do you have a guide on how to make the tutu for this cake?
  • Leisl: This is an awesome cake. A friend found this picture and wants me to make one like it for her. Can you tell me what size cakes you used?


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