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My daughter, Faith, had three small birthday parties this year (lucky her) and that meant that she had a few different cakes too. For the first party I made her a slice of pickle cake, because she loves pickles. It was a joke between her and I that I would make her a pickle cake. She thought it was funny that I actually did. (this was for her party with her friends). This was a marble cake with store bought frosting and fondant (my first attempt with fondant). For the second party I made marble cupcakes with green frosting, these cupcakes were for my families party and everyone enjoyed them too. For the last party I created a peace sign cake for my hubby’s family. This cake was funfetti with store bought frosting and sprinkles. Everyone enjoyed all the baked goods and that got me thinking about baking and selling cakes. I have to say that I really think I have a knack for it! So, this is how my cake making journey began.



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  • sarahjcheek: The tutu of this cake is made by upside down hearts!
  • Brody Little: Your cake is amazing! Do you have a guide on how to make the tutu for this cake?
  • Leisl: This is an awesome cake. A friend found this picture and wants me to make one like it for her. Can you tell me what size cakes you used?